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Brand Design & Strategy

There are a lot of moving pieces to a memorable brand—and when they can come together cohesively? That’s what sets the change makers above the rest. 

The Brand Design & Strategy package is designed to build a strong foundation that drives and aligns all of the creative in your brand. 

The result? Every new connection gets an immediate impression of high value. And your marketing is buoyed by an elevated aesthetic that fosters trust.

Are you ready to greet a new season of business with impact and authority? Let’s get started!


First 50% due as a deposit upon booking.
Flexible payment plans available—just ask!

What’s included: 

  • Brand Strategy Workshop

    This 90 minute workshop will form the foundation of your brand creative. We'll uncover your goals and vision, your "easy yes" clients in various stages of the buyer's journey, and your unique design personality.

  • Logo Suite

    Includes your primary brand logo, an alternate logo, and a monogram / logomark, packaged up and ready for use on print and web.

  • Brand Style Guide

    This guide will pull together all of the elements of your brand—from colors, to fonts, to image styles—so you can keep your brand cohesive on every platform.


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After our workshop, you will receive a Logo Suite and Brand Style Guide within 2 weeks.

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