Brand & Website Proposal

Prepared especially for Spurgeon Arts

Let's bring more beauty into the world.

When a customer unwraps your artwork—delicately unfolding the wrapping, running her fingers over the brushstrokes—you’ve done more than sell a product. You’ve added a richness to her life and home that only handmade art can bring.

We’re here to help you create the experience your art deserves; from the first click on your online boutique to the beautiful packaging it arrives in.

Let's go over the details...

01 | Brand Design

Putting your stamp on the world

Your brand is the starting point from which all creative flows. We take your unique vision and bring it to life through design and words.   

When we are finished, your art business will be beautifully represented in a way that truly resonates with your clientele. 

What’s included: 

  • Brand Discovery Workshop

    This 1 hour workshop will form the foundation of your brand creative. We'll learn more about your story, uncover your goals and vision, and start to define your unique design personality.

  • Logo Suite

    We'll create a suite of logos that embody your brand and give an immediate impression of high value. Includes 1 primary brand logo, 1 alternate logo, and 1 monogram/lettermark.

  • Tagline

    We'll beautifully communicate the heart of your business in a few memorable words.

  • Brand Style Guide

    You'll receive a Brand Style Guide that will provide creative direction on all of your brand elements, including fonts, color palette, image styles, and more.

02 | Website Design


As the online home for your business, your website will provide a high-end boutique experience that keeps customers coming back. 

And to make running an online store easy, your site will be built on the user-friendly Shopify platform, and we’ll provide you with custom tutorials so you can run your online shop with confidence.

What’s included: 

  • Messaging that Connects

    We'll write the words of your website in a way that feels genuine and encourages your audience to take action.

  • Purposeful Design

    We'll customize a Shopify theme with your brand style, creating a delightful shopping experience that buyers are eager to repeat.

  • Page-by-Page Strategy

    Your website is your 24/7 sales team, and we'll make sure every page has a purpose: building trust and turning browsers into buyers.

  • Tech Setup

    We'll handle setting up all of the tech your website needs—including the domain, e-commerce platform, and more. We'll pay special attention to how it looks on mobile devices, where most people do their shopping.

03 | Packaging + Print

delivering a memorable experience

Packaging and printed pieces are the perfect opportunities to surprise and delight your customers with unexpected touches. Done right, these pieces will give your customers an experience they can’t help but share with others.

What’s included: 

  • Business Card Design

    Impress your in-person connections with a little piece of artwork that invites them to your online store.

  • Package Design

    Unpacking your products should be an experience; includes box design + sticker closure.

  • Branded Thank You Card

    Make your customers feel appreciated and eager to recommend you.

04 | Social Media Strategy

attracting an audience of fans & buyers

Social media the engine driving ideal buyers to your boutique. Let’s get it primed with strategy and fueled with branded content!

What’s included: 

  • Instagram Strategy

    We'll set up your Instagram business page and give you a plan for how to build and engage your ideal audience.

  • Instagram Shop Setup

    We'll establish Instagram Shopping and integrate it seamlessly with your website, giving your customers multiple ways to buy from you.

  • Instagram Post Templates

    We'll create up to 5 branded post templates for Instagram, perfect for building trust with potential customers and industry influencers.



After booking

You’ll be invited to an online app called Asana, where we’ll keep all of our tasks, due dates, and conversations in one place. We’ll get some initial information from you, and you’ll choose a date for your Brand Discovery Workshop.

Week 1

We’ll meet in person (or online, if you prefer!) to talk all about your vision and goals for your business. This in-depth Brand Discovery Workshop will guide the creative strategy behind your brand and its online presence.  

Weeks 2-4

We’ll develop your Brand Platform, beginning with your logo. We’ll provide video walkthroughs and get your feedback throughout the process, refining your key brand elements.

At the same time, we’ll begin working on your social media strategy. By the end of this phase, you’ll be have a complete Brand Style Guide + Instagram setup so you can start spreading the word about your upcoming launch!

Weeks 5-6

Next, we’ll get started on print design, perfecting the hands-on elements of your brand—from packaging to business cards . We’ll work directly with our trusted printers to ensure everything looks exactly as you envision it. 



Week 7

It’s website kickoff week! We’ll start this phase off with an online strategy session. We’ll go over your goals and vision for the website, as well as any logistics about how your online store will work.

Weeks 8-11

During this time, we’ll be busy designing, refining, and testing your website on the Shopify platform—checking in with you throughout. 

Week 12

It’s launch week! We’ll make any necessary refinements, make sure the website looks and works beautifully, and send you off to cut the virtual ribbon for your online store! 

We help you skip to the good part:

creating and selling incredible art.

Meet your marketing & design team:

Sarah Ghiglieri

Founder +
Chief Brand strategist

In her 20+ years of marketing, Sarah has taken businesses of all types from scattered to strategic. That depth of experience has given her a Swiss Army knife of tools to help new businesses start strong. Sarah will be your main point of contact for your project.

Mandy Barrington

Creative director +

Equal parts strategic marketer and creative unicorn, Mandy’s rare trifecta of talents (designer, writer, and website developer) results in a delightfully seamless experience. 


Budget + Payment Plan

Let's bring your vision to life.

Everything you need in one pretty package.

Here’s how it all comes together:

Brand Strategy & Design / $1900

Lay the foundation of an unforgettable brand

• Brand Strategy Workshop
• Logo design (1 primary, 1 secondary, and 1 lettermark)
• Brand Style Guide

Print & Packaging / $1400

Create the experience your brand deserves

• Custom packaging design (Box design with sticker enclosure)
• Branded thank you card
• Business card design

E-Commerce Website / $7000

Sell your artwork to an unlimited audience at a premium price 

• Completely done-for-you Shopify e-commerce website: strategy, design, development, and writing
• Up to 20 products added
• Custom video tutorials
See other cost considerations under the FAQ section below

Social Media Strategy / $900

Attract an audience of fans and buyers

• Custom social media strategy with 50+ content ideas
• 5 branded Instagram templates
• Instagram store set up and integrated with your website

Get started today for $2800

then 3 additional payments of $2800/month


You might be wondering...

Yes! We require 25% upfront to book your project into our schedule, and rest of the project is typically paid in three 25% installments. If you need more options, just ask! 

You’ll have access to your own project dashboard, which is how we’ll communicate and share files throughout our time working together (way easier to keep track of than emails!). 

Please factor in these additional costs beyond your project:

  • Shopify website platform monthly fees (starting at $29 per month)
  • Online store credit card payment fees (2.9% + 30¢ per sale—this is a standard fee for accepting credit card payments online)
  • Sales tax and shipping fees for your artwork (we can set up your website to automatically handle most common sales tax calculations, but you would need to remit and file any sales taxes. Please consult with a tax accountant for tax advice.) 
  • Any specific premium fonts, stock images, or online store apps you may request (our initial recommendations are included in your project fees)
  • The cost of any physical materials (business cards, packaging, etc.) will be billed separately; don’t worry, we’ll provide estimates first, and work within your budget

You are the expert of your business, so your participation and input are essential! In order to keep the project on schedule, we ask that you plan time to review each item within 2 business days. If you know you’ll be away for part of our project, just let us know and we’ll plan our schedule accordingly. 

You know the phrase, “Build, and they will come?” It doesn’t exactly apply to websites—you need to actively market your website to draw traffic in. Some successful strategies include using social media, email marketing, and paid ads—what will work for you will depend on your business and goals. (If you need help with this, we’re here for you!) 

Having a website rank at the top of search results is understandably desirable! We can promise is that we’ll ensure your website is set up for success with SEO best practices kept in mind.

But not a lot of people realize that there are many factors that go into ranking a website beyond the initial website build (how many other websites are competing for the same keywords, how many websites are linking to yours, and more).

SEO is a long game that takes an ongoing investment of time and money. If the need arises, we’d be happy to refer you to an excellent SEO agency.

Ready to make this official?

Here's what happens next:


Reach out to us

How does this proposal sound to you? Have any questions, or just eager to get started? Click the button below to email Sarah your thoughts. 


Sign a Project Agreement

We’ll get it all in writing and send you a contract to electronically sign. This ensures we’re both on the same page!


Pay Your Deposit

After the contract is signed, we’ll send your initial invoice to pay the deposit. This officially books your project into our calendar!


Let's get started!

We’ll send a link to book your Brand Discovery Workshop (and a little welcome gift, too!) and get you set up in your client dashboard.


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