Back Pocket Creative Director

For strategic campaigns, lightbulb moments, and everything in between,

you need to have designer/writer in your back pocket to bring those plans to reality—fast.

Because let’s be honest, you’re stretched pretty thin right now.

Having a trusted creative director on retainer means you can stay focused in your zone of genius while your needle-moving branding & marketing projects stay on track.

This is for you if...

You're full of profitable ideas, but the creative is holding you up

You would market yourself more ambitiously if you knew your plans were consistently supported by cohesive and polished materials.

You want priority access & predictable turnaround times

When you’re on retainer, you can confidently plan your upcoming projects knowing my time has been set aside for you.

You want an ongoing strategic partner without the overhead

You need a creative strategist who guides you to the best solutions—not simply a task-taker. All without the overhead of hiring an employee.

Step up your branding & marketing—grow your impact.

by putting your to-do list in the capable hands of a creative strategist:

Improve Website Speed & Experience

Design Lead Magnets

Write & Design Website Pages

Update & Optimize Sales Pages

Create Marketing Graphics

How to get started:


Choose your retainer package

Book a free consult to get my recommendations on which package is the best fit for your goals. Retainers are offered at 5 or 10 hours per month for 3 months. 


Kick off strategy session​

We’ll spend our first hour uncovering the nuances of your brand, setting priorities for the quarter, and mapping out our first few projects together. 


Request new projects

Have a new idea? Head to your project dashboard and put in a request. I’ll respond within 2 business days with any questions and an estimated timeline.


Collaborate and check it off your list

We’ll collaborate and share files seamlessly within your dashboard. At project completion, you will see your updated time balance and receive design files. 


 I offer a free, 30-minute consult to answer this very question! We’ll go over your unique needs and goals, and I’ll make a recommendation from there.

If a project is going over for the month and you still want to knock it out, I can offer additional hours at my regular hourly rate (provided I have availability). But if you find yourself consistently needing more hours, it may be time to consider the next-level package so you get the retainer rate and guaranteed availability.

I plan ahead with you to ensure you have a backlog of projects to fall back on in the event of a slow month, so each dollar is well-spent. Since time is a finite resource, I don’t roll over unused hours. 

A retainer is best for smaller projects that you need to keep your business growing and thriving (ongoing updates and improvements, marketing materials, etc.). For a larger project to run smoothly, we need to give it the time and attention it deserves—so reach out to me for a separate quote (and retainer client discount!).

Yes! For a limited time, I’m offering a Risk Free Retainer that enables you to try a package for 1 month before committing for the full 3 months. Book a call to see if it’s just what you needed!

Go ahead and pencil down those ambitious marketing & branding goals.

Your creative director is here to support you!

Book a free 30 minute consultation for a personal plan recommendation based on your needs.

Starter Plan

$ 450 Monthly
  • 5 Hours of Creative Director Services Per Month
  • 10% Discount Off Regular Hourly Rate
  • Priority Over Hourly Clients

CEO Plan

$ 850 Monthly
  • 10 Hours of Creative Director Services Per Month
  • 15% Discount Off Regular Hourly Rate
  • Priority Over Hourly Clients